Eulogy by Dr Bonbon Hu

Alphonsus, as we friends always called him, had been a classic example of a gentleman.

A middle child, from a middle class family, Alphonsus, was anything but mediocre.

With his many noble achievements and contributions to society, he had always been humble, modest, caring, full of loving attention and very positive about life.  He was frugal to himself, but extremely generous to other people.  He saw people for who they are, and not what they do.  He also had a great sense of humour which many of us appreciated.  I am sure you can recall a few of those humourous moments.

Most of us know that he was an excellent medical physician.  His bedside manner and care, had provided tens of thousands of patients with healing, both physically and mentally.  After more than 40 years of medical practice, he was still one of the few medical doctors that would do house calls.  At the foot of the Christmas tree at their house every year, there were piles of gifts from his appreciative patients.

Outside of his clinic, he also brought his enthusiasm for medical advances, e.g. bone marrow transplant, stem cell research, to the community to raise awareness as well as donations.

Alphonsus was a man of many talents and having a thirst for new knowledge.  He had always been learning and exploring, and becoming proficient of what he did.  He was very open-minded.  Although he was a devout Catholic, yet he still took time to learn about other religions and philosophies.  Although he was a western medical doctor, he learned and practised Chinese acupuncture.

His talent in singing and ballroom dancing was legendary.  Sometime in his past, he had learned table tennis, Taichi, tennis, fishing, skiing and windsurfing, and excelled in every sport that he loved.  Except that he needed more luck than talent in the fishing department.  The emphasis must be made that he enjoyed what he did.

As a family man, he was like a rock.  He continuously provided support and guidance to their two children, Monique & Creighton, when they were young and even when they are adults.  They looked up to their father at all times.  Alphonsus provided unconditional love, patience and generous support to his wife, Josephine, throughout their marriage. Of course, to his own parents, siblings and relatives, his love for them was selfless.

The greatest gift that Alphonsus gave us was for being such a great teacher.  Following the teaching of Christ, Alphonsus taught us by example.  He taught us to treat and love people as all equals, as part of a big family.  He taught us to do good deeds without any expectation of personal reward. He was very happy for other peoples' success.  His encouragements and praises to others were always abundant.  He always had good wishes for people.  He was a good listener, paying full attention when you were talking to him.  His kindness touched everyone who knew him.

We shall continue his legacy by becoming better people, better friends, in turn, a better community as Alphonsus wished.  God's plan for him is not for us to ponder.  We are not here to grieve.  We are here to celebrate his life.  Hallelujah.